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Dürkopp Adler, the company

Dürkopp Adler 756 A new pocket welt technology for straight and slant pockets

SMRE SM-401-TA automatic X-Y cutting machine for roller blinds

Dürkopp Adler 610 / 630, Optimized work station for taping operations respectively for pre-ruffling of sleeve crowns

ZEMAT TARPA PRO HF double-head welding unit

ZEMAT TARPA PRO HF double-head welding unit

Dürkopp Adler H-TYPE 967-100, flat-bed longarm machine version for extreme heavy sewing operations

Dürkopp Adler 581 Series, The world’s fastest eyelet buttonholers

SMRE custom unit, combined cutting and sewing in one

Dürkopp Adler 650 OP7000, Optimized work station for setting sleeves with touch screen control

Dürkopp Adler M-TYPE 867-M, Premium version

SMRE Engineering, the company

KSL, the company

Minerva Boskovice, the company

ZEMAT Technology Group, the company

Dürkopp Adler 550-867, Engineered sewing station for documented airbag tearing seams

Dürkopp Adler M-TYPE H868, Classic - post bed machine as reinforced version

Dürkopp Adler Beisler 1365-5-2, automatic serging unit

Dürkopp Adler 911, CNC-controlled sewing unit

Dürkopp Adler 911, CNC-controlled sewing unit

ZEMAT, FLEXOMAT - flexographic printer for cardboard

Dürkopp Adler H-TYPE 969 -- cylinder arm machine for extreme sewing applications

SMRE SM-375-TA, XXL Cutting plotter for technical fabrics

SMRE SM-450-SA, multi-sealer welding unit

SMRE SM-381-TA, composite cutting unit

ZEMAT Crystal HF welder for crystal clear PVC welding and cinema screens – invisible seam

SMRE SM-400-TA, new high speed X-Y cutting machine

SMRE SM-321-HA, multiple tool digital welding station for continuous horizontal and vertical welding for the production of truck side curtains

SMRE SM-330-TA, high speed digital cutting plotter w/ industrial conveyor belt

ZEMAT Boxmat PRO Automatic corrugated cardboard box maker for flap boxes