After more than a decade of experience with heavy duty cutting in a wide range of industries SMRE introduced SM-330-TA.

SM-330-TA stems from the symbiosis of superior control systems, a very robust machine structure and components, and precision mechanics. Developed for high speed continuous cutting of patterns or series of patterns of infinite length, SM-330-TA will streamline your production processes and deliver exceptional productivity, outstanding efficiency and high quality cuts.

With a top speed of 80 meters/minute and an acceleration up to 1G (10m/s²), high precision industrial cutting tools and a series of specifically developed software programs, SM-330-TA is a cutting solution for specialty fabrics and industrial textiles unlike any other on the market.


Multiple knives for heavy duty cutting

SM-330-TA simultaneously installs up to three cutting tools: a drag knife for high precision cuts of complex patterns, and two rotary blades for very fast cuts of straight lines, curves and circles. The Easy Works Xtreme software manages which tool cuts which pattern, sets the key cutting parameters for each tool and calculates the most efficient cutting sequence to reduce cycle time to an absolute minimum.

High speed, superfast acceleration

SM-330-TA is driven by powerful brushless servomotors and integrated electronics on the X, Y, Z and W axes. Designed for high speed cutting the machine reaches top speeds of 80 meters/minute with an acceleration up to 1G (10 m/s²).

Solid industrial structure

Specifically designed for heavy duty cutting jobs, its solid industrial structure makes SM-330-TA suitable for the most challenging cutting work. The sturdy, multiple layer conveyor belt allows cutting of patterns of infinite length on heavy industrial fabrics. Its cleverly designed tools and accessories complete the machine and make it a highly efficient industrial cutting solution.

Automatic setting of parameters

Based on the characteristics of the material that is processed, the operator chooses the menu from the tool database, and SM-330-TA will automatically set key cutting parameters such as speed and acceleration.

Exceptional productivity

With its high speed and automatic pull-and-cut cycles, the machine ensures an enormous production output.

Continuous cutting cycles

SM-330-TA works in full automatic, continues cycles. A computerized unwinder with edge control and a digitally controlled dancer system for automatic tension management feeds the fabric into the machine. SM-330-TA then cuts the programmed patterns and makes the next pull, until the programmed sequenced is done.

Creation of very large shapes in a limited space

With its continuous pull-and-cut operation the industrial conveyor belt allows for the creation of very large shapes in a very limited space. If the cut patterns are wider than the roll, the Split Box software module divides the patterns into smaller pieces that can be processed on the machine. With Split Box, stadium covers, tarpaulins, swimming pool covers, tension structures and industrial doors can be created on a machine with a cutting frame that is infinitely smaller than the finished product.

Vacuum power for total fabric control

Two powerful vacuum turbines and the tough but breathing conveyor belt surface ensure optimal vacuum grip on the processed material. The worktop is sectioned in two zones enabling the machine to concentrate the full vacuum power in the area where the processed material is placed, a feature that is very effective when smaller rolls are cut.

A choice of precision tools

A variety of precision tools and accessories were specifically designed to deliver quality cuts and extreme precision. With their clever industrial design, tools can be installed individually or simultaneously, in any combination, providing an enormous variety of cuts on a wide range of fabrics.

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