Dürkopp Adler 550-867

Dürkopp Adler 550-867 for documneted sewing of SIAB seams.

Highly flexible system

The development of the Dürkopp Adler 550-867 is based on more than a decade of experience in the field of SIAB (side impact airbag) workstations. The result is a highly flexible system that is easy to adapt to meet continuously changing demands. 
The 550-867 guarantees accurate production, accurate evaluation and accurate documentation of your products.

An in-seat airbag places critical demands on the sewing of seat covers. The seam must be durable throughout a normal lifetime and yet tear in the event of airbag deployment.
The 550-867 monitors all the critical aspects involved during SAIB sewing to ensure safe and reliable action in response to both of these contradictory demands.

Vital monitoring

Advanced monitoring devices allow the 550-867 workstation to tag and record all relevant data on approved products. This vital information will serve as the source for the product tracking database.
At the same time, sewing on the 550-867 has been kept much the same as working on a standard DA 867, resulting in a low learning curve for the operator.


  • Minimum interference from monitoring system to avoid distracting the operator
  • Records only unambiguous and relevant data
  • Flexible implementation of customer requirements
  • Open architecture to enable integration of third party components
  • Most important: Keep-It-Simple Features


  • Sewing operation is similar to the standard DA 867
  • Hardware protection against unauthorized sewing machine settings
  • Dedicated PLC for reliable sewing process monitoring
  • Industrial (panel) pc for documentation and interaction in MS Windows environment
  • Full network support for product traceability
  • Configurable sewing control software package


Accurate evaluation

Accurate documentation